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Liberty Harbor - a 138-acre mixed-use residential and retail community located at the foot of the Sidney Lanier Bridge in Brunswick, Georgia.



With the increased demand for waterfront property in the coastal real estate market, Liberty Harbor is poised to be the next great redevelopment success story in coastal Georgia.  The overarching strategy capitalizes on the benefits of waterfront living and a coastal lifestyle and also includes the allure of outdoor park areas, a pedestrian boardwalk, access to a private marina, and proximity to a revitalized downtown. Residents will enjoy on-site markets and retail shops, they can dock their boats just a few steps from home, and the parks are prime green space for local music and cultural events. Even the historic Liberty slip anchorage will become a unique site of interest, connecting the new community residents to the rich heritage of our past.

Liberty Harbor will offer hundreds of moderately priced single-family homes, as well as higher-end waterfront condos and luxury homes.  A new marina and dry stack storage will represent a much desired “beachhead" for the City and a way for citizens to access, use and enjoy the Waterfront.  All homeowners will have access to the private marina, as well as the green park spaces, onsite retail, and other great riverfront amenities.

Recently, CHC Properties, LLC purchased four of the valuable "Gateway" sites and is looking for a partner(s) for the development of a 20-unit riverfront condominium and a Marina with dry stack storage. These key projects serve as the catalyst for the reimagined Liberty Harbor to arise.

For information on Liberty Harbor investment and/or development opportunities, contact Page Aiken:  912-258-6000 (cell) or email: page@pageaiken.com






Between 2003 and 2008, over $50 million dollars was invested in redeveloping the historic Liberty Harbor riverfront site - the Planned Development included a 450 wet slip marina and over 200 single-family sites, several high-rise condominiums, hotel, retail, restaurant, and mixed-use sites.   The following video, presented to potential investors and buyers in 2008, illustrates the lifestyle, the mix of uses, and the incredible density the development/permitting called for.





In the early 2000s, Liberty Harbor was assembled as a planned mixed-use development in two phases, with 1900 feet fronting the Brunswick River, on 110.40 acres.

Phase I & II property was rezoned to Liberty Harbor Planned Development (“PD”) in 2005, for the development of 1,800 residential units, a 400-unit hotel, 300,000 square feet of commercial space (limited to ½ retail), and a 450 wet slip and a 1,350 dry stack slip marina. 

Phase I, being 62.43 acres has been partially developed into 136 lots, 7 planned multi-family sites, and common area.  Predevelopment included the mitigation of unsuitable soils, the completion of roads, water & sewer, and roughed-in pad sites.  Of the 136 lots in Phase I, 65 are available from BRR and 12 from LHP with the balance being in the hands of private individuals or lending institutions. Only one home was constructed and no multi-family units, hotel rooms, or commercial space was built.

Phase II, being the remaining 48.07 acres, was platted into 84 lots (77 available from LHP) and common area, but never developed. In fact, there are still leased industrial buildings, rail tracks, and a cell tower on Phase II even though the land under this property was platted and parceled for the lots.

Prior to the great recession, the developers of Liberty Harbor sold lots and pre-sold condominiums. One home was constructed on the River; however, the development has sat dormant for over thirteen years.  


For information on Liberty Harbor investment and/or development opportunities, contact Page Aiken:  912-258-6000 (cell) or email: page@pageaiken.com