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Information is critical to understanding market value on Sea Island.  For the last 5 years, my team has maintained a proprietary database of every cottage, townhome and condo on Sea Island.  The following chart lists all of the Marsh Front available cottages on Sea Island today.  It lists them in order by Street and includes List Price, Bedrooms, Baths, Size of Lot, Price per Square Foot, Days on Market and Percentage of Original List Price.   In our proprietary database, we track ALL the property information available for each Sea Island Cottage and employ this market intelligence to the benefit of each Buyer and Seller we represent.  

Sea Island, Available Marsh Front Cottages

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For additional information on each Cottage, please click on the picture and it will lead you to the listing information.  

Cottage 229


Cottage 314


Cottage 305


Cottage 292


Cottage 429


Cottage 499


Cottage 446


Cottage 522


Cottage 441


Cottage 441 - At over $1,600 per square foot Cottage 441 may have priced itself out of the market.  However, the home is built with beautiful old Savannah Grey Bricks.  The history of which is fascinating. Please CLICK HERE to learn more about the Savannah Greys.  If you want to consider paying $1,600 per SF for this beautiful home, please call me and let's discuss.  :)





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